Project Purpose Project Purpose

Holtek/Academic Cooperation Project Objectives

The Holtek/Academic Cooperation Project is an important and strategic project between Taiwan and China universities and Holtek Semiconductor. By supporting professional MCU technical solutions and providing technical assistance, the project aims to enhance the university's MCU & embedded application teaching capabilities. Holtek will provide both university staff and students access to the latest MCU technology and devices, leading to an enhancement of the students hands-on practical abilities as well as encouraging innovation and creativity. The project objectives can be summarised by the following:

  • Jointly construct a Holtek MCU laboratory and training center within the university
  • Provide support for MCU & embedded system and application training for the faculty
  • Hold an annual Holtek MCU innovation competition
  • Provide support for the universities to implement electronic practice, course design or graduation projects using MCU development boards and embedded applications
  • Encourage students to take part in the MCU innovation competition and other electronic design competitions using Holtek MCUs
  • Encourage and support university staff to adopt Holtek MCUs in their project development