Programmer Software Programmer Software

Model Function Support Hardware Note
(New release V3.21)
Integrated software for Holtek e-Writer series Programmers. e-WriterPro
HOPE3000 For e-Link
(New release V1.12)
Engineering programmer for HT8 Flash MCU e-Link e-Link programming only applies to engineering verification , can not be used for mass production program
HOPE3000 For HT8051
(New release V1.63)
e-Writer programmer software for Holtek8051 series MCUs e-WriterPro  
HOPE3000 For HT32
(New release V2.03)
e-Writer32 programmer software for HT32 series MCUs e-Writer32 Supports: HT32 series MCUs
(New ReleaseV2.52)
HT8 Flash MCU with Bootloader ISP Programming Tool (Program MCU by Bootloader) N/A 1.User's Guide
2.About ISP programming circuit, please refer to each MCU's datasheet