In addition to the normal product promotion, Holtek semiconductor for the life cycle management of product has the following policy. Certain products may be placed into what is known as a restricted state and consequently will only be available to existing customers, the details of which can be located in the Restricted Products section. From time to time devices will be discontinued from the Holtek device range for which details can be found in the End of Life section.

Restricted Products

For production or marketing considerations, Holtek may decide to migrate certain products from a normally available state into what is known as a restricted state. Before the products are migrated into a restricted state, Holtek will provide a three months notification buffer period for the customers to deal with the related projects. And three months later, the products are migrated into the restricted state formally. Products, which are in a restricted state category, will only be available to existing customers who have current projects requiring continued use of these devices.
Note that the restricted state differs from the EOL (End of Life) state, which is a procedure where products will be finally phased out of production.

  • Restricted products are a procedure, but because of the restriction conditions, such as production order and MOQ restriction, it is essential to produce the products by wafer 25 pieces multiple.
  • EOL products will be finally phased out of production.

EOL Policy

It is an accepted industry practice that occasionally certain devices from a product range will be discontinued. Holtek is no exception to this practice and from time to time after proper reviews and may decide to discontinue certain devices. Reasons for such decisions may be that the devices in question have been superseded by higher performing devices or low consumer demand to mention but a few. As Holtek realizes the discontinuation of devices may create certain difficulties for its customers the following End Of Life or EOL Procedure has been created to inform customers of Holtek's process regarding such devices.

EOL Procedure

Subdivided into several clearly defined stages the following procedure should enable customers to fully understand what is involved in the EOL process.

Stage 1 - Product Review
Internal process only.
Process of one month duration where devices proposed for discontinuation are put forward for EOL internal reviews. After review devices placed on EOL list.

Stage 2 - Pre-notification
Internal process only.
Process of one month duration. Formal internal EOL process initiated. Internal reviews of present stock, new orders and replacement devices.

Stage 3 - EOL Notification
Formal external announcement of EOL devices including website notification. Six month period provided where new customer orders for device production still can be accepted.

Stage 4 - Last Production
The beginning of this state defines the time when last orders can be accepted for new device production. After the beginning of this stage no further orders can be accepted. During this three month period last orders will be produced and dispatched and related information regarding the EOL device removed and put in order.

Stage 5 - EOL Complete
The final stage where the EOL process is completed. Formal website notice will be given that the device in question has reached end of life status and listed as discontinued products.