Philosophy Philosophy

Holtek intends to become a major presence in all areas of life for electronic applications where MCUs are providing everyday users with increased convenience, such as computer, information, consumer and automotive areas.

Holtek's Core Competitive Strengths

Based on its initial investments in IC design in 1983 where it created its original design team, and in the interim period where it has accumulated an extensive array of experience, intellectual properties and patents, as well as the support of many foundries, packaging and testing facilities, at the same time has established marketing and technology support hubs in Taiwan, China and the USA. As a result, Holtek is able to provide its customers with the following advantages:

1.Device quality excellence including high noise immunity and ESD protection
2.Extremely short lead times
3.Superio price/ funciton ratio
4.Availability of OTP type and Flash type devices
5.Localized technical service and support
6.Flexible ASSP and ASIC MCU development service
7.Availability of professional design tools and high-function C compiler

Product Strategy

Holtek will continue to focus its development efforts in the 8-bit/32-bit MCU area. With the addition of the development of a continued range of supporting peripheral MCU devices, customers will be provided with a wide range of multi-functional flexible device solutions for all their MCU product requirements. In one stroke, users of Holtek devices, in obtaining low cost, convenience and flexibility, will permit their products to achieve price superiority in the market place.

Development Strategy

Holtek's design strategy will remain focused in the developing automotive and consumer product areas. In addition, Holtek, with its concentration of design effort in the area of high quality MCU devices, fully intends and expects to expand its international market presence. The provision of outstanding quality and a rapid local support service, will combine to not only satisfy the needs of Holtek's global customers, but will lead to the increasing presence of Holtek MCU devices within the products of major and prominent well known global household consumer product manufacturers; a process which will establish the professionalism and international image of Holtek MCU devices.