Philanthropy Philanthropy


Holtek duly fulfills its responsibilities as an active corporate citizen of the global society, paying attention to all environmental issues, protecting global environment, launching industry/academic cooperative venture and giving it's best back to the society.

1.Holtek University Program

Holtek donates microcontroller development system worth of 5.5 million Taiwan dollars to six universities in Taiwan. With the effort of Holtek University Program, more than 1,500 students enter the workforce around the world. Besides it, there are ten students who win a prize or recommended by Professors in the university were enrolled by Holtek and two students from the Mingchi University and the Shu-Te University both have a chance to practice in Holtek.

2.Holtek MCU Innovation Competition

The Eleventh Holtek MCU Innovation Competition provides free microcontroller boards worth of 2,500 Taiwan dollars to the participating teams for each as well as development system and prize money approaching 2 million Taiwan dollars.

3.Corporate philanthropy

Holtek orders gift boxes or Taiwan’s agricultural products during the Chinese New Year, the Moon Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival from disabled, various disadvantaged groups and Taiwan farmers' alliances. In addition, we actively search for social welfare groups which are suitable for Holtek donation objectives, such as the Icebreaker Project, the Children Are Us Foundation, the Down Syndrome Foundation R.O.C., the Hope Foundation for Cancer Care and the Institute for the Blind of Taiwan.

Holtek donates the Taiwan Environmental Information Association and the Hope Foundation for Cancer Care in 2016 for contributing to the global environment and society.

Holtek’s employees actively participate in charitable activities and donations, such as the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to promote and advocate for the wellbeing of children, youth, and underprivileged families, the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to provide an extensive range of services for burn survivors and people with facial disfigurement, and etc.