Holtek Touch MCU Workshop

The Holtek Touch MCU Workshop is a program development platform for Holtek Touch Key MCU series, and it is one of Holtek's powerful development tools. The main features of the Touch MCU Workshop are built-in touch key libraries, tuning software, and using drag-n-drop to setup touch key pin. Just a few step to complete the project easily and quickly.

KIT-TOK-A01 is the development suite of Holtek Touch MCU Workshop. The suite contains as below:

Item Box content item name Number
1 e-IsoLink 1
2 Evaluation bottom board (ESK-BS-100) 1
3 Evaluation upper board (ESK-BS83-B16) 1
4 Evaluation upper board (ESK-BS83-B12) 1
5 10-pin connection cable 1
6 USB cable 1
7 Important Information 1

※ Combined products and optional accessories: N/A.

Software:Touch MCU Workshop (點擊可以下載)

Tools Introduction Video:Touch MCU Workshop