With their advanced optical technology and ultra-thin high quality fingerprint image sensor design, Holtek's wide range of fingerprint recognition sensor and module products, provide designers with a means of including fingerprint recognition functions into their products. The GTU series with their USB interface permit convenient fingerprint image downloading to a PC, while moving up a level, the GTM series include a 32-bit ARM core Holtek microcontroller, UART/USB interface and full fingerprint recognition algorithms for enrollment, verification and erase functions. Whatever the requirements, from sensor only to functionally rich module, Holtek's offers the solutions to allow integration of fingerprint recognition functions into a wide range of security product applications.

Base on "TrueSecure™" optical fingerprint sensors and embedded optical fingerprint identification modules, all use advance optical technology for a range of fingerprint recognition applications. Their advantages can be summarised as follows:


  • Embedded modules can read with 360 degree rotation in either direction
  • Approaching linear capacitive pricing provides cost effective solutions
  • Easy to use plate style sensors
  • Low-distortion, high-resolution fingerprint images
  • Ultra thin optical fingerprint sensor
  • Recognition of dry fingers
  • Highly static resistant durable sensors
  • Superior anti-fake fingerprint performance
  • Excellent quality and stability
  • Fingerprint Scanner Comparison Table