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Holtek C compiler V3.5 Release announcement(2017/01/05)


1. Holtek announces its new generation C compiler (V3.5) in which the C compiler is now integrated into the HT-IDE3000. Download the HT-IDE3000 V7.94 or higher versions for installation.

2. Add new functions to the Holtek V3.5 C compiler:
 ‧ Support the MCUs integrated with MDU function.
 ‧ Support bit data type.

3. Holtek's new generation C compiler is based on GCC kernel and its optimization strength is better than the older version of Holtek C compilers.

4. For Holtek C compiler V3.5 detailed instructions and usage restrictions, please refer to file. [V3.5 User's Guide]

5. Holtek C Compiler V3.5 FAQ (Learn More >>)

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