Third-party publishing books Third-party publishing books

In addition to Holtek's current technical materials, other third party reference manuals and application books about Holtek 8-bit MCU products can also be found in the bookstores. All the book titles are listed as follows to provide a variety of reference sources for customers who are interested in Holtek's products. If you have any publications related to Holtek products and wish to share it to the public through this page, please contact us.

Please note that the intellectual property rights of the following books belong to their respective owners and/or authors. Holtek does not offer business services nor is responsible of the correctness or validity of their contents.

Publication Name: HOLTEK Microcontroller Programming Guide
Authors: Tung Lam (Do Van Lam)
Publishing House: Science and Technics Publishing House
ISBN: 978-604-67-0257-3

Summary of Contents: This book describes how to use assembly language to programme Holtek Microcontrollers which are HT48Fxx type. It includes 14 examples of programming, from simple to complex. The simple as press a key to a LED light up. The complex as to make a time clock or control a FM radio receiver. This book is very useful for beginners to programming for Holtek microcontroller.
The presentation of this book is very thorough and easy to understand. It is for all lovers of microcontroller programming in general and in particular Holtek microcontrollers. With this book learners microcontroller programming do not need to have the available knowledge about microcontroller programming , just have the passion and good thinking.
This book is also very good for students of universities.


Publication Name: Microcontroladores Holtek - Teoria e Prática - Baseado nas Famílias I/O (HT48) e A/D (HT46)
Edition: Portuguese
Authors: Denys E. C. Nicolosi, Silvio Augusto Bortolim and Marcos Tadeu Scaff
ISBN: 85-365-0020-4

Summary of Contents: This book is intended for students, technical engineers or hobbyist in the electronic and mechanical-electronic field. It is written in a clear, simple and easy to understand language. It discusses about the features of the Holtek MCU series, the operating principles, provides sets of detailed instructions with several examples, describes the functions of its peripherals like PWM, A/D converter, serial bus I2C, etc. It also introduces the Holtek Integrated Development Environment, HT-IDE3000, enumerates the step-by-step process of developing a project through simulation and emulation, and by using the VPM, which is a software for simulating the external components connected with the microcontroller, deals with basic knowledge, like using the indirect addressing, interrupts, HALT mode, WDT (watchdog timer), and includes more sophisticated matters like scanning the keyboard matrix, 16x2 LCD Module, serial communication between the Holtek's microcontroller and PC, A/D and D/A converters, as well as the technique of using an external EEPROM by way of a serial bus I2C, etc.