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Information regarding the development tools required for the HT37 series of Music MCUs, is provided below:
The HT-MDS uses Holtek's assembly language instructions, however the environment is the different HT86B development environment.

HT - MDS Development Environment

HT37For HT37 series development purposes, the user can utilise the standard HT-IDE development environment and use Holtek's assembly language for product development.

HT - VMS Development Environment

Using the HT-VMS SRAM Writer the program can be downloaded to the HT-VMS Emulator Development Environment.(The user can download the COD file to the HT-VMS-MB from the HT-VMS.)

User's Guide
  • HT-VMS User's Guide

HT37 Development Board

The HT37XX development system includes two kinds of hardware tools.The first kind of hardware tool is the Holtek HT-VMS-MB, which is an SRAM download board. The second kind of hardware tool is the HT37P06 which is a flash demo board.

SRAM Download Board

    This development tool is a hardware SRAM Download Board which allows the user to quickly download COD files to the HT-VMS-MB using the USB port, and to play the music file for rapid product development.


Flash Demo Board

  • VMF01A (32 Megabit)
    The VMF01A provides a HT37XXX series real-time simulation of the IC function and of the music quality. The VMF01A is composed of a HT37P00, with an added 32-Mega bits of flash memory. The HT37P00 is the EV Chip for the HT37AXX and HT37QXX devices while the HT37P05 is the EV Chip for the HT37BXX devices. The user can produce a demo project with the VMF01A. In addition the user needs to program the COD file into the Flash Memory using the EW-VMF Writer.

    HT37 Series









HT-ICE Tools Indexing Table

The MCU index table allows the user, from the HT37XXX part number, to quickly locate the corresponding development and OTP writing tools.

Enhanced Music MCU
Part No. Software SRAM Download Board Demo Board
HT37A30, HT37A40, HT37A50, HT37A60, HT37A70 -- HT-VMS-MB VMF01A