ESK32-210 – HT32F1755/1765 Development Board

The ESK32-210 Development Board is designed for the HT32F175x series of MCUs and includes an actual HT32F1765 device. The accompanying peripheral components on the board include a Buzzer, input Keys, Joystick, IrDA, RS232 socket, RS485 socket, SD Card socket, Smart Card socket, EEPROM, Serial Flash, LEDs and Potentiometer etc. This wide range of peripheral components will allow users to quickly understand and evaluate the HT32F175x functions and features. The ESK32-210 can be used with the e-Link32 Pro debug adapter, providing the user with a complete development environment.


Item Box content item name Number
1 ESK32-210 1
2 USB Cable 1
3 Important Information 1

※ Combined products and optional accessories: e-Link32 Pro

Documentation: ESK32-210 User's Guide

Software: HT32F175x/HT32F275x Firmware Library