The e-WriterPro can be used not only as a programming tool for all of Holtek's OTP and Flash devices during the development stage but can also be used for small to medium volume production purposes.

※For each new e-WriterPro being used for the first time, it must first be enabled by using the activation program. Enter the activation program from the HOPE3000 tools menu. The activation program will obtain online from Holtek a unique registration code for each e-WriterPro. Follow the instructions on the HOPE3000 window to complete the registration and activation process for the e-WriterPro.

CDImportant InformationFlat-CableGround Wire (1.5M)e-WriterPro腳墊5V USB Power AdapterScrewsUSB Cablee-WriterPro
Item Box content item name Number
1 e-WriterPro 1
2 USB Cable 1
3 5V USB Power Adapter 1
4 Ground Wire (1.5M) 1
5 Flat-Cable 1
6 Screws 1
7 Important Information 1

 Combined products and optional accessories:e-Socket

Holtek e-Writer Series Writer User's Guide

HOPE3000Setup (V3.21)

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