The e-Socket32 is a socket which is used together with e-Writer32. MCUs with the same package types can use the same e-Socket32 for programming.

It is not necessary to purchase individual programming adaptors for different MCUs.,


Item Box content item name Number
1 e-Socket32 1

※ Combined products and optional accessories: e-Writer32

No. Product Name Supported Package Suggested Programming Times
1 ESKT3228SSOPB 24SSOP, 28SSOP 10,000
2 ESKT3228SOPB 16SOP, 18SOP, 20SOP, 24SOP, 28SOP 10,000
3 ESKT3232QFNB 32QFN(5mm*5mm*0.75mm) 5,000
4 ESKT3233QFN4B 33QFN(4mm*4mm*0.75mm) 5,000
5 ESKT3246QFNB 46QFN(6.5mm*4.5mm*0.75mm) 5,000
6 ESKT3248QFN6B 48QFN(6mm*6mm*0.75mm) 5,000
7 ESKT3248LQFPB 48LQFP 10,000
8 ESKT3264LQFP7B 64LQFP(7mm*7mm) 5,000
9 ESKT3264LQFP10B 64LQFP(10mm*10mm) 5,000
10 ESKT32100LQFPB 100LQFP(10mm*10mm) 5,000

※ Data in parentheses next to each package type shows the actual width of the IC package.