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Personnel Training

Holtek has already invested both personnel and financial resources in the area of academic/industry cooperation and vocational training demonstrating the importance the company attaches in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. With regard to academic/industry cooperation, in addition to subsidizing student courses and laboratory expenses, Holtek also runs innovation competitions providing both teachers and students from various academic institutions with a forum in which to develop their creative ideas. With regard to vocational training, Holtek is in active cooperation with vocational training centres and schools by offering funding for related electronic courses.

With the objective of fostering the theoretical and practical training of professional personnel in the MCU application area, and reduce the gap between learning and actual implementation, the company initiated a Holtek Cup MCU campus competition in 2005 to provide a platform for student technical interaction. Since then it has become the major MCU competition in Taiwan with competitor numbers increasing annually. As an example Holtek's sixth competition had 100 participating teams while the ninth competition had 124 participating teams. Holtek now has 27 participation educational establishments with an additional benefit of these activities enabling Holtek to find skilled graduates to join the company. As an example of this, after the ninth Holtek Cup MCU campus competition, 21 contestants applied for interview and out of a selection of 7 outstanding students, 5 were recruited. Winners in past competitions have designed applications such as bicycle variable transmission systems and automotive emergency equipment, etc. which have achieved successful patent registration. The Holtek Cup MCU campus competition has now become a well established, high quality and also largest country wide MCU competition providing an excellent interactive platform for students to encourage their innovation and creativity.