HT82M99E/HT82M99A -- USB Mouse Encoder 8-Bit MCU

General Description

The USB MCU OTP body is suitable for USB mouse devices. It consists of a Holtek high performance 8-bit MCU core for control unit, built-in USB SIE, 2Kx14 ROM and 96 bytes data RAM.

The mask version HT82M99A is fully pin and functionally compatible with the OTP version HT82M99E device.


  • Flexible total solution for applications that combine PS/2 and low-speed USB interface, such as mice, joysticks, and many others
  • USB Specification Compliance
    - Conforms to USB specification V2.0
    - Conforms to USB HID specification V2.0
  • Supports 1 Low-speed USB control endpoint and 1 interrupt endpoint
  • Each endpoint has 8x8 bytes FIFO
  • Integrated USB transceiver
  • 3.3V regulator output
  • External 6MHz or 12MHz ceramic resonator or crystal
  • 8-bit RISC microcontroller, with 2K×14 EPROM (000H~7FFH)
  • 96 bytes RAM (20H~7FH)
  • 6MHz/12MHz internal CPU clock
  • 4-level stacks
  • Two 7-bit indirect addressing registers
  • One 16-bit programmable timer counter with overflow interrupt (shared with PA7, vector 0CH)
  • One USB interrupt input (vector 04H)
  • HALT function and wake-up feature reduce power consumption
  • PA0~PA7, PB4 and PB7 support wake-up function
  • Internal Power-On reset (POR)
  • Watchdog Timer (WDT)
  • 12 I/O ports
  • 16-pin NSOP, 18-pin DIP/SOP and 20-pin DIP/SOP/SSOP (150mil) package