Application Areas

Stand-alone DC/DC output (5V~12V /2A) Type-C + quick charge power bank

Reduced components

Type-C In/Out automatic detection mechanism, Quick charge recognition mechanism, 4-segment LED battery power indicator without requiring external transistors.

Complete protection

Over-voltage protection, over-current protection and under-voltage protection for stand-alone 2-channel charging/discharging. Discharging conversion efficiency of up to 93%.


Holtek provides the HT45FH5N which is a dedicated MCU for power bank applications and which supports the new Type-C USB interface. With its integrated quick charge recognition mechanism, the HT45FH5N can quickly recognize if the connected device is a charger or a mobile phone to implement input charging or to implement discharge management.
The (5V~12V / 2A)Type-C + quick charge power bank reference design can completely support battery charging and discharging functions. The design also provides an external charging source insertion automatic detect function, Type-C In/Out bidirectional recognition and quick charge detection, etc.
Holtek provides technical data such as block diagrams, application circuits, PCB, BOM, etc, to assist users with their rapid product development. For more related technical information regarding our single cell 2 output (5V~12V / 2A) Type-C + quick charge power bank solutions, click the file download graphic link on this page.


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