Application Areas

Industrial water management, household water purifiers, swimming pool water management, tap water quality measurement and so on.

Simple design and low cost

Only a single IC together with a simple external measurement circuit are required to implement a TDS and temperature measurement function, providing stable and high precision measurement data.

Various interfaces

The measured values can be transmitted to the host MCU for data displaying using an I2C, Bluetooth or earphone interface, allowing easy and convenient monitoring of water quality.


Holtek has released smart TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water quality detectors which provide real-time detection for the TDS value of drinking water. In allowing users to know immediately the quality of their drinking water, this product can be embedded into water purifiers. Additionally and by using specific mobile phone apps, users can not only monitor the current drinking water quality but also manage the machine parameters such as the filter element condition and daily water consumption, etc.
Presently as most household water purifiers do not incorporate a TDS water quality detection function, users are unable to know the current water quality and are also unable to identify other issues such as the filter element condition. As long term consumption of unclean water is harmful to health, the ability to incorporate a TDS measurement function into water purifiers is an important function. This requirement can be met by using various Holtek’s smart TDS water quality detectors for water quality measurement solutions.
The relevant technical documentations can be obtained in the “Reference Design Downloads” link. Additionally, Holtek also provides a full development advice service, and other technical support, etc. to assist designer during their development process.


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