Electrical personal care products should possess the features of convenience and ease of use and if possible be powered by a single battery. As a consumer product it should also meet the requirements of low cost while still retaining a high level of functional integration.

Aimed at the personal care product application area, HOLTEK has developed the HT45F3520 and HT45F3530 ASSP MCUs, which include a battery voltage step-up control function but which can also accept input voltages as low as 0.9V. These devices are especially suitable for use in personal care products powered by a single 1.5V battery and such products which also incorporate LCD/LED displays, such as electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, electric massagers, etc. Holtek provides here a practical reference solution to help users with the rapid development of similar products.
The associated technical documents can be obtained by clicking on "Learn more about our application solutions". Holtek also provides users with all required technical support related to device emulation, including circuits, software and PCBs, etc.


Application Areas

1 Application Areas Personal care products powered by a single 1.5V battery, such as electric toothbrushes, electric massagers, etc.


Minimal external components and lower costs

Save on external voltage step-up IC, LCD and LED driver circuits thus reducing the number of required external components and overall costs.


High level of functional integration and wide applications

Accepts a 0.9V voltage input and includes an LCD driver function, an internal DC/DC Step-up voltage converter with 5 adjustable output voltage levels and integrated timer modules which can be configured to operate in a PWM output mode for motor control driving.



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System Architecture and Connection Diagram

Compared with traditional solutions, these devices permit savings in a huge number of external components such as the DC/DC converter IC as well as the LCD and LED driver circuits thus greatly reducing the component cost as well as the required PCB area. This reference design takes an LCD Hair Clippers application as an example to provide users with related circuits as a design reference.

(20007-A1.ZIP) LCD Hair Clippers main control board
Description Files Solution Description and Application Notes
Application Circuits Protel format
PCB Protel format
Block Diagram PDF
Code Source code
Component List   Excel format


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