Application Areas

Electric drills, electric screwdrivers, lawn mowers and other products with motor speed control requirement.

More competitive design

Save on external MOS driving circuits and reduced number of required external components and costs.

Multiple protections

Internal over current protection and detection functions provide immediate hardware protection to enhance product reliability.


The Holtek device range includes a power tool controller MCU, the HT45F4630, which is especially designed for motor speed control products, such as electric drills, electric screwdrivers, lawn mowers and other similar products. Holtek provides here a practical reference solution to help users with the rapid development of such products.
Power tools usually need some basic controlling functions including speed control, over temperature protection and battery over current protection. This Holtek power tool speed control solution provides a group of PWM high voltage and large current output pins which can directly drive Power MOS transistors to reduce their switching losses. Additionally, the device includes integrated over current protection and detection functions and an amplifier which allows the input signal to be amplified by 51 times, requiring a lower value current sense resistance value which will increase the overall efficiency and extend the operating time. When an over current event occurs, the PWM switching will be shut off by hardware to achieve immediate protection.
The associated technical documents can be obtained by clicking on Reference Design download. Holtek also provides a full development advice service and other technical support, etc. to assist designers during their development process.


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