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Environmental Sustainability

Holtek is committed to energy conservation and the reduction of carbon and greenhouse gases. Measures such as using power saving lamps and other energy reducing office facilities have been adopted. The company will strive to avoid unnecessary resource wastage and gas emissions and is determined to use the earth's resources wisely and efficiently. Holtek will continue to prevent pollution and improve the environment via environmental education and communication to achieve sustainable development. Holtek encourages its employees to turn off lights and personal computers when leaving the office.

Holtek as an IC design house will pursue environmental protection and sustainable development and promises to conform to the following principles for improvements to its environmental management implemenation:

  1. To conform to governmental environmental-protection regulations and customer requirements regarding environmentally banned substances. Only raw materials conforming to international environmental protection criteria will be used.
  2. Environmentally friendly designed products will be the focus of our research and development. Low pollution raw materials will be used to reduce environmental impacts.
  3. Energy conservation, recycling and effective usage will be undertaken to prevent pollution.
  4. The promotion of environmental protection concepts to increase employee and supplier awareness in the area of environmental protection.

Environmental protection and sustainable management will remain the focus of our business operations. Various energy-saving approaches are implemented, such as replacing halogen lamps with LED lighting, which reduces heat generation. With regard to water usage, equipment is installed to stabilize water pressure and automatic sensor taps are installed in toilets to ensure more efficient water use, allowing water usage to be reduced to up to 35%. Air-conditioning will be seasonally adjusted and set to a constant temperature of 26°C to reduce electricity fees. In line with the promotion of environmental protection concepts, employees will be able to turn off computers, air conditioning and lights by themselves when leaving the office. In addition, they will effectively recycle and classify waste and used resources, such as leftovers, empty ink cartridges, metal and glass containers, waste paper and plastic bottles.